Part Numbering and Marking

Written by on 11/15/2006

Part Numbering and Marking
What does the K or L mean when inserted between our model number and frequency? Why doesn't it show up on invoices or on the part?These are obsolete identifiers for internal use only to identify packaging preference for surface mount oscillators.
K=tube or tray packaging
L=tape and reel packaging
What are the letters or numbers shown after the frequency on packing slips and invoices, but not marked on parts?These are modifiers which could be a packaging description, a commission code for our sales reps or a specification modification. These are not marked on parts because they do not affect how the parts are made, only how they are handled and tested. It is important to include these modifiers when ordering parts.
Why are parts sometimes marked with a code instead of your part number?Some crystals and oscillators are so small, we can't fit our entire part number on them, so we use a code to identify them. The best way to know for sure what part you are receiving is look at the packing slip, not the part marking.